Our Mission

To promote, propagate and facilitate all those who are interested to lean this teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni, which are classified into three paths: Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. The Foundation will be proficient particularly in this path of Vajrayana and in the sect of Nedo karma Kagyu tradition.

To reach out to the less fortunate, to deliver Love and Compasion, and to flourish this teaching in our entire nation.



Our Vision

Buddha Sakyamuni has shown us the path of enlightenment to relieved the suffering of Birth, Old age, Sickness and Death. All beings have in-born Buddha Nature and Qualities, due to the accumulated obscuration, beings cannot liberate oneself and attain the enlightenment. Thus, the teaching in the great vehicles called Vajrayana promise a path for beings to attain enlightenment in one's lifetime. We vision to channel those karmic-connected human beings into the sanctuary of learning the path of this realization.




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