Chorten (Stupa)

A Stupa is a spiritual monument to commemorate Buddha’s enlightened body, speech and mind.  It represents a path to enlightenment.  Enlightenment refers to an awakened mind and victory over suffering and ignorance.  

Simply put, a Stupa becomes a home for all the Buddhas from ten directions and three times.  It will radiate immense positive energy.

A stupa may last a hundred years, however the merits generated in the construction of a stupa lasts for all of eternity.

It is said that “You can’t take your money with you when you die.”  There is actually a way to bring wealth in the afterlife.  Supporting the construction of a stupa is like investing time, effort, money and resources in something tangible yet holy.  Since the stupa represents Budhha’s enlightened body, speech and mind, it can be a tool for enlightenment.  Seeing a stupa plants a seed of enlightenment in a person’s being.  Therefore, people who contributed for the building, construction and maintenance of the stupa invested in the enlightenment for all beings, hence merits generated become limitless and eternal. 

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Stupas are places where the energy of the Buddhas is all abiding; physical embodiments of the Enlightened Minds of the Buddhas,the perfection and balance of compassion and wisdom.