Merits Field

Merits Field

Merits Field is a noble project of the Phil Nedo Foundation in Trece Martires, Cavite.  Merits Field shall be a holy place which will contain spiritual monuments for the Buddha – the main Lhabab Chorten, 8 types of Buddha stupa and a Buddhist Retreat Center.


The objective of Merits Field is to provide a sacred, safe and auspicious space for people of all walks of life to:

  • Connect to their Buddha nature (which is present in all beings); 
  • Generate merits (positive deeds);
  • Purify negativities;
  • Start the process of being liberated from suffering;
  • Finally to attain perfect enlightenment.


Generation of merits may include activities such as:

  • Offering of prayers for all beings;
  • Attending spiritual retreats and services.


Activities to purify karmic stains may include:

  • Meditation;
  • Circumambulation of the Stupa;
  • Prostration to release negativities of body, speech and mind;
  • Chanting of Buddhist sacred mantras.


Some benefits of a stupa are:

  • Protection from all forms of danger;
  • Liberation from mental suffering and development of inner peace;
  • Development of virtues of loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom.

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Stupas are places where the energy of the Buddhas is all abiding; physical embodiments of the Enlightened Minds of the Buddhas,the perfection and balance of compassion and wisdom.