Tsa-tsa refers to small clay or plaster images that are molded in the shape of deities, bodhisattvas, or symbols of the Dharma. 

Tsatsa making is a practice of offering and accumulation of merit that can benefit practitioners through developing mindfulness, concentration, and a deep sense of devotion to the Buddha and his teachings and creating positive karmic imprints which can lead to a better rebirth in the future. It is a simple yet profound way to cultivate devotion, merit, and spiritual connection in Buddhism.   Thousands of tsa-tsa will be placed inside the stupa to generate immense positive energy.  Each set of tsa-tsa is available for sponsorship at Php 1,000/set. 

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Stupas are places where the energy of the Buddhas is all abiding; physical embodiments of the Enlightened Minds of the Buddhas,the perfection and balance of compassion and wisdom.